Our work is on display and for sale at Burt Street Gallery, open every Saturday 10am-4pm.

Victoria Malone

Red raku vessels - winners of the Perth Studio Potters selective 2013.

The journey in ceramics started for me 28 years ago when I first handled clay on the pottery wheel. I quickly developed skills and felt it fabulous creative sensation.Form is my passion and I'm forever extending my skills with clay to create interesting and voluptuous forms.  My current interest are the surfaces of these forms. The forms are themselves pure and evocative so my glaze surfaces need for the pots to have a voice of their own. The RAKU pieces are a huge challenge in the reduction process and many heart stopping moments occurs in transporting them into their reduction receptor. My chystaline glazes even more nail biting as the process of growing crystals in the kiln is totally out of my control. With both these effects I'm relying on my technology background to formulate and adjust the glazes.

The art you see here are the results of years of experiments many rejects and disappointments. My strength is walking away from my disappointments learning from them and achieving even better results next time.

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Beverley McMahon

Beverley McMahon is a ceramic sculpture artist who loves creating a variety of statues, figurines and plaques.  The inspiration for her work comes from medieval, mythical, mystical and native influences.  Beverley exhibits at several galleries and various art exhibitions.

Marie McSweeney

Tree tears.

Tree tears.

Elizabeth Mercer


My friend.

My friend.

I spent my formative years in Africa. During this time I developed a particular fondness for the incredible animals found roaming on the savanna. My family then moved to Jersey where I had the good fortune to grow up on a farm and enjoy the beauty and lifestyle of the countryside. From early childhood I have enjoyed sketching and painting fauna and flora from various parts of the world.

Having attended university in London, I travelled the world, eventually making Western Australia my permanent home. For twenty-five years I have been teaching children about the wonders of the natural world and, in particular, the astonishing creatures and flowers endemic to Western Australia.

My love of nature and passion for the environment provides a limitless reservoir of ideas.  I have often been inspired by the drawings of young children, marveling at their lack of inhibition and innate ability to create unique designs. Animals and plants are integral to our wellbeing and I hope that the quirky expressions on the faces of my sculptures bring a little colour into the world.

Annemieke Mulders

Meet the JAZZ cup coffee family, Latte, Long Black and little Espresso. The surface of these cups seems fluid and alike fire. 250 ml, 175 ml and 60 ml.

I have always been fascinated by meaning, reason and logic. Absorbed by new things, the discovery of a reason, the understanding of a subject, intrigued by the unknown, seduced by the act of learning.

First as a scientist, now as a ceramicist - art and science have striking similarities. As a research scientist I searched for significant explanations in experimental results, as lecturer I searched for effective descriptions of complex topics and as artist I search for aesthetic sense in shapes and colours.

In my work I ask myself - how to express the beautiful logic of nature and its interactions? - how to convey the clarity and intricacy of our surroundings?

My latest project adds movement to bowls and cups. The distortion of the soft clay gives natural and dynamic shapes. Arranged in formation their shapes resemble twists and oscillations like atoms in a crystal.

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