Facilities and services

Membership of Perth Studio Potters allows you to meet and exchange ideas with other potters. Members work together on a casual friendly basis to enjoy each other’s company and develop their creative abilities. The facilities are available to throw, handbuild, glaze and fire work either in an electric or gas kiln.

Our gallery allows you to exhibit your pottery to sell to the public. There are several exhibitions each year with publicity and social openings.  Members are expected to be involved in theactivities ofthe club and contribute to it’s success.


Full Membership to Perth Studio Potters entitles you to:
· Use of the club's 24hr facilities and equipment
· Access to sell and exhibit your work in Burt street Gallery
· Enjoy our well stocked library with all current ceramics magazines
· Kitchen facilities, with a small charge for tea and coffee
· Discount on PSP classes
· Discount on PSP workshops with local, national + international potters
· Discount card Jackson's Ceramics & Potters Market
· Use of studio space except when classes or workshops are running
· Invitations to artists' studios visits
· News updates by email
· Listing for exhibiting artists on PSP web site
· Attend Annual General Meeting
· Voting rights for full financial members
· Invitations to social and fund-raising events
· Yearly membership is from July to June
Social Membership available

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How to do I become a PSP member ?

A: Contact our Membership Secretary at info@perthstudiopotters.org.au for an application form. 

Q: Do I need to be a potter ?

A: If you are not a potter, it is recommended you enrol in PSP classes first,  giving you a good background to the club and our facilities.

Q: Do I need referees ?

A: Yes please, provide two PSP referees and photos of yourself and your ceramic work along with your application.

Q: How long does it take to become a member ?

A: Membership applications are approved at our monthly committee meetings.
When approved the Membership Secretary will make a time to meet with you and other new members at the club to show you around and give you access to the building.

Q: Availablity to use the workroom and facilities ?

A: The clubs facilities is available for members at any time except during class and workshop times.

Q: As a member can I use the kilns ?

A: Yes, all our kilns are available for members to book, Kilns are expensive and all kilns are slightly different. You must first be accredited by the Kiln Supervisor by doing a supervised course.

Q: Is there a cost to use the kilns ?

A: Yes, there is a charge to cover the electricity or gas and maintenance cost.

Q: Does coming to classes include my firing ?

A: Yes your class fees cover a number of firings during the term, as you can understand excess work produced will need have other arrangements made.

Q: I am enrolled in classes and have been very productive making lots how do go about getting this work fired?

A: You can get individual pieces fired at a nominal cost.