Past Exhibitions

October 2016: "Exhibition of Contemporary Ceramics"

A small example of works that were exhibited

Members SelectIVE Exhibition


Central PArk Exhibition


Opening Friday 27th February at 6.30 - 8 pm.

Exploration of the organic forms of humans, animals and plants with sculptural pieces and decoration of works.

Christmas exhibition


Student exhibition

Winner of the President's prize - one term classes for free.

Exquisite patterns on this naked raku vessel.

2nd prize. Simple and perfect shape and glaze.

Youth prize - such a lovely dragon!

3rd prize - so smooth!

Opening night.

Member's exhibition on Texture - arid till flawed

Opening Friday 22th August at 6.30 - 8 pm.

Arid, barbed, corrugated, drenched, etched and flawed.

The sensation we know as texture is almost intuitive.

The natural world is rich in texture; the surface of any visible object is textured at a certain scale. In a general sense the word texture refers to the surface characteristics and appearance of an object by shape, size, density, arrangement and proportion of its elementary parts.

Ready for opening night.

Ready for opening night.

Lively discussions.

Lively discussions.

Elysia by Bev McMahon.

Elysia by Bev McMahon.

Hedgehog family by Caroline Munro.

Hedgehog family by Caroline Munro.