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2017/2018 Annual Report

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PSP constitution


Perth Studio Potters was formed in 1957 by a group of friends with a common interest in pottery. Its first meeting was held on 11 July 1957 and subsequently it was realized that this new club needed somewhere to meet and work. The artist Owen Garde offered the use of his boatshed on the Swan River foreshore and so PSP became an important organisation in the Perth ceramics community.

Due to the fundraising efforts of those earlier potters a small house in Burt St, Cottesloe was bought in September 1963 and this is still the current location of PSP. The original house has been changed and added to over the years and now accommodates a well equipped studio, a gallery and a spacious kiln shed.

Throughout its existence PSP has had some of Perth’s most noted potters as members and today continues to teach and foster the art of working in clay with remarkable results.

The challenge we face in our second half-century is to be worthy of what was built by those early pioneers; to build on what we have; to move with the new times; to have fun while we do it; and to embrace change with energy and purpose.

To quote Teddy Letham from Janet Kovesi Watt’s book “The first 50 Years”

“Historically the creation of ceramics owes much to utilitarian need, but beyond that the desire “to make” has produced over the centuries articles of brilliant concept and enduring beauty overriding periods of fashion and gimmickry. It gives impetus to that continuing need of the human spirit to muck about and dirty its hands. May it survive to inspire members of the Perth Studio Potters Inc. to satisfy this innate need into the second millennium and beyond.”

The book “The First 50 Years” by Janet Kovesi Watt is available at PSP